Jeremiah Green:

Sexiest man alive.


if you listen to built to spill and/or modest mouse, we’re instantly friends.


fuck man. modst mouse is just the best ever. i haven’t listened to them in like 10 hours and I’m like WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE they are so perfect and my soul is singing and my atoms are floating around my body in a peaceful state and I’m not even high I just love thema nd their music so much and this is the reason music exists, to give people reactions like the one I am having now…

Do you see what I mean? This is gorgeous! Follow Jeremiah!

Do you see what I mean? This is gorgeous! Follow Jeremiah!

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Recently, I’ve been writing a lot of songs about the devil and outerspace. I’m not really into God or any of that shit, but I’m pretty sure I got a visit from the devil. He doesn’t make daytime appearances; he visits you in your sleep

—Isaac Brock {x}
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"Take them all for the long ride, and you’ll go ‘round town, no one wants to be up tight anymore

You could be ashamed to be so proud of what you’ve done but not no one, not now, not ever anyone”—Isaac Brock


Jeremiah said his favorite song to play is Invisible.

I was put on the spot to ask him any question I’d ever want to ask and I didn’t know what to ask so I asked what his favorite Modest Mouse was to play.

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